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Colors & Whatnot  
07:52pm 03/06/2012
Changed the colors around some. Updated a few things on LiveJournal (S1 to S2?), so forth, so on. Slightly surprised LJ is still popular, actually, given things like Blogspot and Wordpress. I can see some of the appeal. I mean, my account is still here, and that's impressive in itself.

Looking for a job (casually for the last few months, but more seriously now). Spending the rest of my free time... writing. Yeah. Fiction writing is a completely new thing for me, but I'm surprising myself by enjoying it. Until I graduated in December I'd never written any fiction save for a poorly done fanfic around 1000 words long that I wrote in half an hour for some kind of challenge.

So yeah. /Update. See you in a few years?
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Uhm, wow.  
10:12pm 26/02/2012
I just google'd my username and ended up here again. Been a while. My last post was about passing the entrance exams to the PhD program.

...and here I am now having gotten the PhD this past December.

Decided to take up writing as a hobby, though my real focus is getting a job.
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Chemistry PhD progam  
03:00am 23/08/2007
Well, I passed the qualifying exams for the Chemistry PhD program.  Classes and so on started today, or yesterday depending on how you look at it.  Hopefully things will go well, if not then there's always a Master's.

Nothing else to say.  I really don't like posting on this thing very much do I?  Time for bed.
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Grad School  
07:48pm 18/02/2007
Hallo all,

Just a quick entry in my LiveJournal to say that I took the GRE (Graduate Records Examination) in early January and got accepted into Graduate School before January was over.

I was pretty happy with my GRE score. =) If anyone ever needs a suggestion for GRE prep, then I can strongly suggest the Barron's book. I looked at several of them at the bookstore, read reviews online, and finally picked that one. I didn't have time to really "study" for the test, but that book was incredibly helpful.

So, anyway, I'll be starting work on a Chemistry Ph.D. this summer. Kudos to me.
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05:39pm 05/11/2006
It has been absolute ages since I wrote anything in this journal, over a year in fact. I think this will be, what, my third entry ever? Kudos for me. I was just wandering around Livejournal, reading other journals that are far, far more interesting than mine, and decided that I might as well write something.


I'm also thinking about getting a new kitten, since I haven't had a cat in over a year. I'm thinking either a Bengal or a Maine Coon, but there are other options. I know no one reading this could possibly care about that, but I just decided to use my kitty userpic, and it came to mind.
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Hurricane Katrina  
02:34pm 28/08/2005
Hurricane Katrina is on the way, and I am in its path. Not only am I in the projected path, but I am living in manufactured housing surrounded by trees just waiting to fall on me and crush everything in the vicinity.

College is cancelled for Monday though, and possibly Tuesday as well. That's good. It would be ever so much better, though, if I still have a place to live when I start attending again later next week.

Now, I seriously doubt that anyone is reading this, but if you are, wish me luck.

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Just Getting Started...  
04:14pm 15/08/2005
Hello to anyone and everyone who somehow managed to end up here. It's quite nice to see you, metaphorically speaking. I just hope you didn't get your hopes up about finding much here. You see, I like to read the entries posted by 2 or 3 people but I have little desire to post much myself.

I might ask to add a few of you to my friends list, and I might be seen around replying to other people's journals, but apart from that I won't be doing much of anything. Still, it was nice of you all to stop by.


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